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We contact real-time end users in business similar to yours and get their opinions as to which company provides the best service. We define good service as showing up when they say they will. They must  provide complete written reports of their on-site work. They must not bill more than they quote. They must leave the equipment and the area clean. 

You may set the definition of good service.

We do the tough stuff. We locate the top service providers in the area.​ 

We will locate the best HVAC company.

We will locate the best air compressor and vacuum company in the area.

We will locate the best facilities maintenance company in the area. We NEVER contact the vendors. We accept no advertising. We represent no vendors of any kind.

 "Things To Remember"

We act as YOUR partner in your expansion and relocation. 

We also help with downsizing. We can locate a smaller facility if that makes sense for your business. 

We can locate machinery or office movers for you if required.

We do NOT perform any financial negotiations. That's up to you, your financial advisers  and whatever financial institutions or your cash flow dictates.

Our Expertise

WE can provide a checklist for you to assure all the sometimes-forgotten items and details get done.

Has a forwarding form been filed with USPS? Has telephone service activated? Have phone numbers been ported? Has the water been turned on? Have arrangements been made for rental air compressors and/or vacuum pumps been made (if you need to continue production while you existing units are relocated or new ones delivered and installed)? Has the HVAC been started, cleaned and upgraded if required? These are just a few items that sometimes "fall through the cracks" when a relocation or expansion is executed.

We will coordinate with your relocation/expansion project manager to assure nothing is overlooked or forgotten.  

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